7 ways your life will change when you solo travel

Solo travel is one of the best experiences one could ever get. It allows you to enjoy a destination on your own terms without the schedule of others. Wandering any place on this beautiful planet would be great but, there is something special about solo adventures. Be it any mainstream destinations or offbeat station thee is something extraordinary about travelling alone.


 It will boost your confidence level

For starters, you get to make your own itinerary. That ability alone is freeing and confidence-building. Travelling solo really tests your strengths not only physically but emotionally too. It’s not all rainbows, sunsets. You might miss a train or a bus, you might lose your track. Ultimately you’ll learn to deal with uncomfortable and challenging situations.


You get comfortable being alone

One of the most common things that disturb people is that will I be able to manage all this alone?          No wonder a lot of us are independent and do a lot of day to day activities on our own. But travelling alone is an entirely different thing. Once you get past this phobia you’ll realize that solo travelling is such a blessing. One of the most important thing you can do for yourself is to sit with yourself and be at ease. You must be comfortable and at peace with yourself because you are gonna spend the rest of your life with yourself . By travelling alone you get to learn that if pretty great to have a good time with your loved one’s but you don’t need anyone to make you happy.


You will get out of your comfort zone

Solo travel forces you to push your limits. It is quite exciting but can be a real problem at times.When travelling abroad one of the most common problem is that of communication.English might be a standard mode of communication back home, but elsewhere in the world, lots of people prefer to speak their mother tongues . In critical situation like these you’ll get to know the language of hearts.Gestures, smiles, and touch are all ways of communicating that are just as important, but that we often neglect in favour of choosing the right words. When there are no words to be spoken, though, you discover that sometimes, words aren’t necessary to show kindness and sincerity to others.


You disconnect

In this world, which is full of competition people often forget to realize their very reason for working , so that they could enjoy their lives. However, travelling gives one enough time to introspect. It often gives one a new perspective of life one new way to look at the world.s. You’ll realize  just how much better it feels to get out into the real world and you’ll limit your time with the temporarily exciting interactions of the virtual world.

You realize how  strong you are

To be honest travelling alone is not the easiest thing to do. You might get lost , probably you’d feel lonely a lot of time; you won’t have anybody watching your back. But you know  what you’ll get through all it no matter how .  And trust you’ll be a different version of yourself a more confident, experience and matured one i could say for sure. Realizing it afterwards that you can achieve anything in life whatever you want will help you get going in your normal life.


You invest in yourself

We all are burdened by responsibilities be it from family, work , friends. Solo travel absolutely it gives us an opportunity to escape from this crappy world and to put ourselves first. To be our own priority.The moment we realize how we were mistreating ourselves it’d be much difficult to go back to our normal life.

Traveling by myself has taught me things I couldn’t learn anywhere else. I learned how I like to spend my time, self-reliance, and I learned that I could go (just about) anywhere and do (just about) anything. And no one can take that knowledge or independence from me. It’s freedom.

The only way to try solo travel is to book a ticket. Just go. You’ll be glad you did.




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